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My name is "Chaitanya Rohini Deepak."
I am a 3rd Year B.Tech. Student studying Computer Science & Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Calicut.
I come from
Aurangabad, a city in the state of Maharashtra.

17th March, 1984.

My Mothertongue is Marathi & I know Hindi & English quite well.I know a bit of Malyalam too!
The programming Language I rely upon is C, I've had a brief introduction of C++; & as you see, I can use HTML too.

My hobbies include Reading, Watching Movies, Listening Music & Chatting with friends etc.

I have read a lot in my Mothertongue i.e. Marathi.Reading English Books started quite recently and I have read some good books in English too.My favourites include: Atlas Shrugged, Anthem & We The Living by Ayn Rand, Jonathan Livingston Seagull & One by Richard Bach, Love Story by Erich Segal, Godfather by Mario Puzo etc..
Ayn Rand & Richard Bach happen to be my favourite authors in English.

In Marathi, I like Anant Samant (Learn More) & Pu. La. Deshpande
(Learn More) most.
When it comes to movies,
Matrix(both parts)  &  from Bollywood, Mohabbatein are undoubtedly the favourites. About Music..I love " Euphoria"! I listen songs of Jagjit Singh & Lucky Ali also.

                                 21,Sandesh Nagar,
                                 Near CADA Office,

                      Room No. 106,
                                 Hostel C,
                                 National Institute of Technology,
                                 Calicut REC P.O.,